I'm Theresa

I believe one of the greatest experiences we can give to our kids
can also be the most challenging – living a life of optimal health.
Today’s fast-paced culture makes it harder to bring
good nutrition to the table than ever before.

Coaching with Theresa
For the health and wellbeing of your family.

Hi! I am Theresa Ripke

  • Name: Theresa Ripke
  • Job: Practical nutrition adviser & Family health coach
  • Residence: Newport Beach / California / United States

I’m a practical nutrition adviser, family health coach and a mom to three adorable and active kids.

All parents want to see their children grow up to be healthy and happy, but often a combination of fussy eating habits and exposure to junk food advertisements can make it seem like an impossible task. Despite this however, there are steps parents can take to impart healthy eating habits and boost their children's relationship with food in order to provide them with the best opportunity to grow into healthy and confident adults.

The foods your children eat now, will have a huge cellular effect on them in their adult life. I want your children to be healthier and happier not only now, but when they are adults to feel their absolute best! Don't you?

I was raised by parents who always cooked fresh and with seasonal ingredients but when I left home and started to live by myself as a student my eating habits went from really healthy to very bad. I began to have health issues, which I discovered were due to many processed industrialized foods I ate in the 20’s. I went through a process of change and know how hard it can be but now having kids and a family – it is worthy. Therefore I decided I didn't want that kind of unnecessary burden on their health, so I became a health coach and children's nutrition expert.


  • I believe the only way to change the current cultural trends in our health is through education, support, and personal coaching. When more families discover how powerful a few simple changes can be, we can turn the tide for the health of our kids.

  • I desire to help parents who are looking to make significant changes in the health of their kids. Parents who are sick and tired of having kids who are sick and tired.

  • The focus of my site is to raise awareness for the nutritional needs of kids and to provide valuable support for families in the areas of Healthy eating and cooking and also all-natural disease and obesity prevention.

I offer:
- Nutritional Counselling

- Cooking Classes for kids and parents

Contact Me

6000 W Coast Highway Unit A
Newport Beach, CA 92663

+1 (949) 2455843


I am available for health coaching to help you raise a nutritionally minded child,
all in your own time and pace with your child's age and existing diet in mind.
I know that one diet doesn't fit all and I will factor in your personal food and lifestyle
choices such as vegan, vegetarian, paleo, raw etc.